Commitment to Quality

Nass Contracting believes in executing quality aesthetically designed, functionally efficient Residential, Infrastructure, Industrial and Commercial complexes to internationally recognised standards with a single aim to offer “value for money".

Our Projects reflect engineering excellence with a view to provide complete customer satisfaction. We ensure that the quality of our products and services result in complete value for our clients as well as foster continuous demand for our products.

While rendering our services, we strive to promote our Quality Management System (QMS) as an integral part of our business. Nass Contracting aims to achieve and sustain excellence in its business activities through an established and continually evolving QMS.

We aim to achieve customer satisfaction by providing Goods and Services in accordance with contractual, statutory and regulatory requirements and in the process improving our Company’s abilities, reputation and competitiveness.

We accomplish our goals through commitment from our Executive Committee and through innovation, efficiency, enhancement of our business processes, and effective human resource management.

We place significant value on continual development of our personnel through transparent learning experiences and investment in training programmes at all levels of the organization.

Our in-house Technical and Quality Departments provides benchmarking against world standards in project conception, execution and delivery and supports the business to focus on innovations in working practices and delivery of quality products and services, ensuring maximum value to our customers at every stage of our business operations.

As a responsible employer, NC commits itself to:

  • Achieving Zero abortive-works.
  • Enhancement of Customer Satisfaction.
  • Timely Completion of Projects.
  • Effective Planning and Monitoring Systems.
  • Effective Human Resource Management.
  • Continual Improvement in Productivity of our Resources.
  • Reduction in Wastage of Major Construction Materials.

Provision of high quality products and services at economically viable costs to customers, thereby gaining confidence, satisfaction and repeat business.

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