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Industrial civil engineering & building requires a unique approach to effectively manage the sensitive risks involved with working within a large operational facility. Projects take place in high-risk environments requiring stringent safety, operational and quality control measures. With a focus on delivering on schedule and to the quality expected by some of the most important blue chip clients in the Kingdom, Nass Contracting separates itself from the competition. Our knowledgeable project teams understand the requirements of the various plant and process infrastructure in the industrial sector, which allows them to concentrate on limiting any impact to industrial operations whilst completing the scope of work. 

Industrial Services include:

•Process Equipment Infrastructure;

•Process Equipment Structures;

•Bulk Fuel Storage Facilities and Infrastructure;

•Industrial Infrastructure

•Waste Disposal

•Materials Handling Structures;

•Workshops and Warehouses;

•Electrical and Control Buildings;

•Administration Buildings;

•Civil and Building works to Power plants, petrochemical installations, Refineries, aluminum smelters and manufacturing units.


Please see our Projects section for examples of our previous Industrial experience

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