Building for tomorrow
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Commitment to Sustainability

Building for tomorrow


Nass Contracting believes in the power and responsibility of sustainability; considerations of future generations’ needs and opportunities, maintenance of the resource capital, and healthy ecosystems, either with a supporting function or as central elements for economic activities.

For Nass Contracting, sustainability means; conceptualization, design, production, trade, consumption, and disposal of products and services that meet the needs of the present generation without compromising the future economic, social and environmental room for manoeuvre, and characterized by:

  • products and services that are safe for consumers;
  • economic feasibility for primary producers;
  • respect for labour rights and safe work environments throughout the supply chain;
  • respect for biophysical limits, efficiency in resource and energy use, and reduction of negative impacts on local environments;
  • support to marginalized communities within the supply chain;
  • and development and adoption of technology that supports and enhance the above mentioned.
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